Dominic Cafazza Scholarship Fund

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The Bethalto FC Dominic Cafazza Scholarship fund has been created to support student-athletes across all sports within the Bethalto Community. The goal of the Scholarship Fund is to help cover the costs associated with youth sports within the Bethalto Sports Community regardless of the sport. We are a soccer organization that believes every student-athlete should be given the opportunity to compete within their sport without having to choose between life-essential items and costs associated with youth athletics.

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Our Mission and Commitment

Bethalto FC is an organization designed to grow the soccer skill-set of the Bethalto student-athletes in a positive and organized way while controlling the ever growing costs that surround youth athletics.  Our club is committed to giving every child an equal opportunity to be a part of a fun and competitive soccer team regardless of financial status.  The organization’s governing body and coaching staff are completely comprised of volunteers from the Bethalto community that are fully committed to growing each players soccer aptitude, attitude, and ability in a encouraging way.

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